Courageous Ladies

  • Sam Bloom

    Sam is a Courageous Lady, speaker, mum to 3 boys and a spinal cord injury (SCI) survivor!
  • Sonya Danita Charles

    Sonya is a Courageous Lady who was born and raised in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Now living in Los Angeles Sonya is a body positive advocate who has overcomes years of bullying and extreme insecurities to remind everyone that you are beautiful just the way you are. 
  • Naveena Nekka

    Navenna is a Courageous Lady and a cancer thriver who following her diagnosis decided to re-evaluate her life and focus on what is important to her.

    Navenna describes it as changing from being career ambitious to being life ambitious and wanting to utilise her varied skills and knowledge in assisting others to achieve better health outcomes. 

  • Linda Garland

    Linda is a Courageous Lady, who at the age of 31 noticed a lump in her breast while in the shower. After years of treatment, including  a lumpectomy, sentinel node dissection, radiotherapy and a 5 year hormonal inhibitor drug trial has Linda is a 14 year survivor.

    Linda is the proud creator of the character Pinkoala - a koala breast cancer survivor, as a way to tell her story. Chemotherapy has made Pinkoala’s fluffy ears fall out, so she wears a gum leaf cap with eucalyptus blossoms instead. Pinkoala is a tough gumnut, and represents the courage required to be constantly seeking the silver linings. 

  • Yoshi

    Yoshi is a Courageous Lady who in January this year, when having her annual check up, was diagnosed with breast cancer.

    While the world went into COVID-19 lockdown, Yoshi underwent surgery, chemotherapy and radiation, and is still undergoing hormone therapy.

    Yoshi is not only a cancer warrior, but a primary school teacher and mum of 2 beautiful boys.

  • Kate Martin

    Kate is a Courageous Lady, who at 33 weeks pregnant was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer while the world was in the depths of the COVID pandemic.

    Kates baby girl is now 3 months old and she is CANCER FREE! 

  • Diane Barrera

    Diane is a Courageous Lady who in January 2020, at the age of 39, was diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer.

    While the world was in lockdown, Diane completed 6 rounds of chemotherapy, 5 weeks of radiation and a unilateral mastectomy - recovering alone in hospital because of COVID-19, away from her family.

    Diane is now, CANCER FREE!

  • Kellie

    Kellie is a Courageous Lady and BREAST CANCER WARRIOR.

    Kellie was diagnosed with breast cancer in November 2019 at the age of 38. Over the past 11 months she has openly and honestly shared her breast cancer journey - the good, the bad and the hot flushes, including the mental health toll.

  • Elle Veitch

    Elle is a Courageous Lady and BREAST CANCER WARRIOR.

    Elle was just 27 years old when she was diagnosed with breast cancer and underwent a double mastectomy.

  • Renee Jones

    Renee is a Courageous Lady and BREAST CANCER WARRIOR.

    Renee is currently 30 weeks pregnant with her second miracle baby - who in April this year, at 12 weeks pregnant was diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer.

    Renee has had lumpectomy and lymph node removal and has almost completed all her chemotherapy treatment - next is radiation and a year of oral chemo to go once baby is here.

  • Belinda Downes

    Belinda is a Courageous Lady, language scientist and teacher who loves showing the world her Tessier Cleft Repair - doing all she can to remind people that facial differences need to be celebrated, not pitied.
  • Jessica Anwyl

    Jessica is a Courageous Lady whose mental health and sense of self plummeted after developing a severe and debilitating skin condition. 

    As a woman, the topic of beauty always affected Jessica - though through self exploration she has found her purpose in helping other women love the skin they are in.