Courageous Ladies

  • Akua Larbi

    Akua is a Courageous Lady, an engineer, mentor, outfit repeater and African print lover!
  • Amanda Stevens

    Amanda is a Courageous Lady, business owner, colourful jewellery lover and MS warrior!
  • Cotty of Skin No Shame

    Cotty is a Courageous Lady, who is an unfiltered Latina who fights for skin positivity and self love.
  • Stephanie Browitt

    Stephanie is a Courageous Lady who's life changed on December 9th 2019 - holidaying on NZ's White Island with her Dad and Sister when a volcano erupted. Stephanie lost her sister that day, and her dad a month later - and suffered burns to 70% of her body.

    Stephanie is sharing her trauma and incredible road to recovery to help raise awareness.

  • Emma of The Broke Generation

    Emma is a Courageous Lady who helps break our spending cycle so that we can feel financially free - through sharing non-boring ways to optimise our finances without restriction!
  • Chelsey Peat

    Chelsey is a Courageous Lady, mum, wife and Sturge Weber Syndrome advocate.
  • Iomikoe Johnson

    Iomikoe is a Courageous Lady, an international model and a vitiligo advocate who helps women love the skin they are in.
  • Nancy Harris

    Nancy is a Courageous Lady - a 53 year old mum of two grown-up children, a counsellor, advocate for children who have autism, model and amputee.
  • Fi Munro

    Fi is a Courageous Lady who has been living with stage 4 cancer for over 4 years. Fi recently found out the cancer is rapidly spreading, and openly shares her journey of palliative chemotherapy.
  • Rachael Sarra

    Rachael is a very proud Goreng Goreng woman, artist, designer and activist - she is the definition of a Courageous Lady.
  • Georgina Louise

    Georgina is a Courageous Lady, a Welsh illustrator with a passion for drawing women, who is currently fighting Ewing's Sarcoma - bone cancer.
  • My Courageous Mumma

    Breast Cancer took my Mums life on May 30, 2010.