Bec of Becs Breast Blog

Q1) Tell us a little about yourself!

My name is Bec, I am 33 years old. I’m also a Wife and Mother. I was diagnosed with breast cancer in July 2019, 3 weeks after my wedding. I found the lump whilst on my honeymoon. To say it took me by surprise is an understatement. I don’t have breast cancer in my family and I’m overall quite healthy, it was just by sheer luck that I felt a “stretching” in the side of my boob and I pressed my finger on it (thinking it was a muscle deep down) and felt a tiny lump! I had a bilateral mastectomy in August 2019 as I couldn’t bear the thought of it returning or going through so many scans every year. I was so lucky that I found it at a very early stage. I’ve just finished up 5 months of chemotherapy and will start radiation in February. The chemo and radiation is all precautionary as I had 1 lymph node involved. I believe in serendipity, there were so many key events that happened prior to me finding the lump that lead me to actually find it. If they hadn’t of happened I never would have found it. Now I’m working on what it means and what I’m destined to do from this life event.

Q2) Tell us about what you do, and why you do it

At the moment I have been fortunate enough to take extended sick leave from work to rest and recover. I work in the telecommunications industry and my role is to improve processes and provide insight back to the business. This role appeals to me because I enjoy fixing things that are broken and making them streamlined, having a positive improvement for both the business and customers. 

Q3) What makes you feel courageous?

I feel courageous when I face my fears & just get on with it. So many people throughout this time in my life have called me brave. I don’t feel it though as I’m just doing what anyone else would do if they were faced with the same challenges. I didn’t choose this. I really like the word courageous though. It resonates with me because I feel I have become more courageous from the things I have had to overcome. For example, I was extremely needle phobic before all this to the point I would shake uncontrollably and cry, now I’ve had so many I don’t even flinch. 

Q4) What is one thing you wish you could tell your 16-year-old self?

Trust your instincts and know everything happens for a reason. You will face many challenges but successfully overcome all of them.

Q5) What is one piece of advice you can give a fellow lady who might be lacking courage?

Surround yourself with people who see your value and remind you of it. 

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