Melissa Fino

Q1) Tell us a little about yourself!

Hey there, my name is Melissa Fino and I am the founder of Love Your Life Community. I'm a high school drop out who went on to receive her Masters from the University of Southern California. I've gone from hiding my true self to full blast at all times. I don't hold anything back, fervently speak my truth and advocate for women to do the same. I  am passionate about life and all of its beautiful gifts and when I'm not working with clients or immersed in a project you can find me running the cliffs in San Diego, climbing a mountain or sitting seaside on the beach with my newest book.

Q2) Tell us about what you do, and why you do it!

I'm a Women's Worthiness Coach offering group classes and 1-1 coaching as well as a frequent speaker on women's wellness. I have dedicated the last ten years of my life to helping women overcome adversity but it has been my greatest struggles that have become my strengths. Personally, I'm on a world-wide mission to empower women to let go of the bull shit that is holding them back and motivate them to live the life they dream of right now.

Q3) What makes you feel courageous?

I no longer allow myself to sit and think about what could happen. Instead, I take action and watch as life falls into place. Not every project is going to work. Every decision I make won't be right. And by now I know, that every dream I have might not be the same as everyone else. But what I do know, is the longer I wait, the greater the chance I won"t try at all. So I must go. Take action today or take no action at all.

Q4) What is one thing you wish you could tell your 16-year-old self?

Stop trying to fit into what everyone else thinks you should be. Spend more time loving and being the beautiful woman you are and you'll find yourself surrounded by others who love you that way as well.

Q5) What is one piece of advice you can give a fellow lady who might be lacking courage?

Oftentimes, we're scared of what someone else might think if we fail. Or not having it all figured out. Or not having the necessary roadmap that can get us from point A to point B, but we're never scared of the pieces of life that should scare us the most. What's to blame? Our thoughts. We ruminate over and over in our minds, about all the ways something could go wrong. We make up scenarios. We tell ourselves we'll fail. We judge ourselves, and allow ourselves, to believe that others will judge us this way as well. But it's not true. You've got to nurture your inner critic and learn one imperative technique to face your fears, identify what's real and what's a thought. 


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