Natasha of N.O. Cakes R Better

Q1) Tell us a little about yourself!
N.O. Cakes R Better, is the name of my business.  The N.O. stands for Natasha Orumbie, so basically, Natasha Orumbie’s cakes are better 😁. I am married with three beautiful children ages 9, 11 and 13. The younger two are boys, Joshua 9 and Adonye 11, with Ayana being 13 going on 23! I am 43 years old and originally trained as a secondary school teacher of English. 
I am just slightly crazy but I love that I am now able to embrace that side of me rather than be embarrassed by it! It is something that makes me stand out from the crowd and I'm learning that not everyone is annoyed by crazy loud people!!
Q2) Tell us about what you do, and why you do it
I started my business 10 years ago on maternity leave with no real intention of doing anything other than keeping myself busy! But 10 years later, after a short-lived break between 2014-2016, here we are again!
I wholeheartedly enjoy the creativity of making cakes and the fact that it allows me to be a part of so many special events! I love even more, the newest part of my business, which enables me to share my knowledge to help others and give them the opportunity to tap into their own gifts, whether that be the baking side or the business side!
Q3) What makes you feel courageous?
I feel really courageous for daring to step out and try and run this business whilst I am working full-time! I have an incredible amount of of work already on my plate, with a full time job, 3 children, a busy church life and being part of a band it's quite enough to contend with! I know that it is a daunting prospect for anybody to start running a business, but with all of these added potential hindrances, I feel I am being quite brave in still pursuing my dreams.
Q4) What is one thing you wish you could tell your 16-year-old self?
I would definitely tell her to not be ashamed of who she is. I think I have lived the majority of my life apologetically and I wish I could have told her that she was loved and beautiful and special and absolutely perfect just the way she is, so that she would not feel she had to try to be anyone else in order to be accepted.
Q5) What is one piece of advice you can give a fellow lady who might be lacking courage?
Being courageous is something that I can do because I know I'm not fully reliant on my own strength. I look to God for my strength and I believe 100% that I'm only able to accomplish what I do because I believe there is this supernatural power behind me!
Of course I believe we can all do things ourselves and we should be strong and independent! However, I am also fully persuaded that at times, we all need support and help, and I I feel like we should not be ashamed of admitting that we can benefit from extra help and support to give us more courage to take steps that we wouldn't have otherwise.

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