Courageous Ladies

  • Rachael Sarra

    Rachael is a very proud Goreng Goreng woman, artist, designer and activist - she is the definition of a Courageous Lady.
  • Georgina Louise

    Georgina is a Courageous Lady, a Welsh illustrator with a passion for drawing women, who is currently fighting Ewing's Sarcoma - bone cancer.
  • My Courageous Mumma

    Breast Cancer took my Mums life on May 30, 2010.
  • Heidi Anderson - Hype Queen!

    Heidi is a Courageous Lady, an over-sharer, broadcaster, speaker, writer & new mum!
  • April Watson

    April is a Courageous Lady who is dedicated to self love and body positivity - she is THE BODZILLA.
  • Kristin & Co.

    Kristin is a Courageous Lady, a Mumma of 2 (and a 3rd on the way!) who is spreading awareness about rosacea and cystic acne - by going makeup free, showing others they don't need to cover up to be beautiful and feel worthy.

  • Beth Fletcher

    Beth is a Courageous Lady, a UK illustrator and print designer from Shropshire, England.
  • Sophie Bradbury-Cox

    Sophie is a Courageous Lady, disabled Mum, mid-sized and colour obsessed.
  • Olivia Rose

    Olivia is a Courageous Lady, a blogger and lawyer.
  • Libny Molano

    Libny is a Courageous Lady, proud Latina, musician and was born with a rare skin condition called Congenital Melanocytic Nevi.
  • Ryann Kress

    Ryann is a Courageous Lady, disability advocate, nurse, adaptive athlete and Ms Wheelchair Virginia 2020.
  • Natalie Sullivan

    Natalie is a Courageous Lady, a grateful Mama, blogger and author.